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Complete supercritical extraction facility development for production scale
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2013 Korea IT Innvation Prize
Patented Supercritical System - Patent No. 10-1324796
Nano disperser Selected as a good design
Nano disperser awarded in "NANO KOREA 2013 AWARD"
Selected as global excellent small and medium firm in Daejeon
No. 10-1254326 Patent registration of "Supercritical liquid and medical fluid mixing system"
SEL certification(China Special Equipment License)
Trademark registration [BP Chamber] – Registration No.40-0942873
Trademark registration [Nano Chamber] – Registration No.40-0942871
Patent registration [Supercritical CO2 circulating system and method] – Patent No. 10-1197083
Patent registration [High Pressure Disperser for high viscosity materials] – Patent No. 10-1168940
Won the grand prize in safety certification part from KOSHA and MOEL
Patent registration [Removing impurities system and method by supercritical CO2 in laminated ceramic capacitor process] - Patent No. 10-1158083
ASME Stamp "S" "U" "U2" renewal
Patent registration [Supercritical extraction method] – Patent No.10-1146614
Patent registration [Supercritical extraction method] – Patent No. 10-1146617
Patent registration [Needle valve strap coupling] – Patent No. 10-1151733
Patent registration [Cooling System for High Pressure Disperser and disperser's nozzle]
- Patent No. 10-1146618
Patent registration [Screw type high pressure generator] – Patent No. 10-1103011
Patent registration [Magnedrive and substrate handling equipment using supercritical fluid]
– Patent No. 10-1103010
Patent registration [Abrasive material recycle system for injection mixing type water jet]
- Patent No. 10-1081335
Patent registration [Cooling system for intensifier of high pressure disperser]- Patent No. 10-1085873
Trademark registration [We make your idea possible. Suflux] – Registration No. 40-0885180
Patent registration [High pressure homogenizer preventing solidification of materials] – Patent No.10-1073382
Patent registration [Up and down movement substrate processing equipment using supercritical fluid]
– Patent No. 10-1073379
Patent registration [Direct coupled intensifier for high pressure disperser air vent] – Patent No.10-1073381
Patent registration [Plunger and high pressure homogenizer for removable pressurizer]
- Patent No. 10-1073380
Trademark registration [Diacell] - Registration No. 40-0883507
Patent registration [Cleaning method for high pressure disperser] - Patent No.10-1036945
Patent registration [Filter unit of water jet] - Patent No. 10-1029005
Developed Large scale high pressure nano disperser
Trademark registration [minijet] - Registration No. 40-0849050
Developing 32nm supercritical cleaning module
3 patent registrations regarding suspensor water jet
- Opening/closing device and method of suspensor water jet (Patent No. 10-0982567)
- A catch tank for suspensor water jet (Patent No. 10-0965852)
- Water jet has pressure vessel with load cell and abrasive material measuring method of pressure vessel
(Registration No. 10-0943313)
Developed suspensor water jet for production
Supercritical hydrothermal synthesis system CO2 extraction for mass production (LG chemical)
Supercritical extraction system for mass production (Jeonnam Nano Bio Research Center, support)
The building and factory were moved to Dae-duck Techno Valley
Trademark registration [Nano Disperser]
ASME Stamp "S", "U", "U2"
Developed aerogel supercritical drying system
Developed Supercritical degreasing system
Developed Supercritical CO2 extraction system (Korean Ginseng Corp)
S mark safety certification (AUTOCLAVE SYSTEM, The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency)
Supplied commercial of sc-co2 extraction system
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2003. 04
Acquired ISO / KSA 14001 certificates
Developed autoclaves forming highly purified synthetic material
Developed warm isostatic Pressure
Developed supercritical water oxidization device for non-resolvable materials
Nominated as an enterprise for components and material engineering
development by Industrial and resource administration
Developed high pressure MLCC Pressing M/C
Developed high pressure food CIP
Developed Nano Disperser
Installed cGMP grade supercritical CO₂drier
Supplied commercial purpose of SC-CO₂extraction system and completed technology transfer
Registered a trademark, SUFLUX
Supplied commercial purpose of SC-CO₂extraction system (to Otoogi foods Co., Ltd, Korea)
Nominated as innovative enterprise by small and medium business administration in Korea
Nominated as innovative enterprise by small and medium business administration in Korea
Buy gas accident liability insurance (Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance)
Registered as special facility manufacturing(Dae-jeon Metropolitan City)
Develop 100ℓSC-CO₂extraction pilot system
Develop and supply hot isostatic press(HIP)
Develop pressure regulator
Develop gas booster
Develop air driven liquid pump
Develop ultra-precision water pressure gas pressure testing machine
Incorporated as ILSHIN AUTOCLAVE co.,ltd
2002. 11
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2000. 03
2000. 01
Confirmed as venture business(0215240212-1722)
Registered patent for supercritical carbon dioxide recycling method and system
(Patent Registration No. 0359646)
Certified as clean workshop(Certificate Registration No. 1706)
Develop a testing system for the bursting and fatigue of industrial pipes and hoses
Established an annexed research institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
Acquire the certificate of ISO / KSA 9001
Designated as INNO-BIZ(Registration No. 1050-01057)
Incorporated as Ilshin Autoclave Co., Ltd.
Transfer patent for high-temperature & high-pressure non-gasket corrosion test container to
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Patent Registration No. 0236673)
Selected as promising advanced technology business (Small and Medium Business Administration)
Selected as promising small & medium business (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
Develop SSRT(Slow Strain Rate Tester)
Develop Supercritical CO₂Cleaning Machine
Develop High Pressure Metering Pump
Move the factory to Daejeon Industrial Complex 4
1999. 05
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1994. 10
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1993. 12
1993. 08
Develop Supercritical Water Oxidation System
Develop Supercritical Fluid Extraction System
Develop Cold Isostatic Press
Develop High-Temperature & Pressure Test Loop System
Develop Hot Plate Press
Develop MagneDrive
Develop Autoclave System
Found Ilshin Engineering
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