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Power Plant Research - HDT series
Hydrogen damage is the generic name given to a large number of metal degradation processes due to interaction with hydrogen. Hydrogen may be picked up by metals during melting, casting, shaping and fabrication. To control hydrogen damage is very significant. So the test equipment for hydrogen damage is important. HDT (Hydrogen Damage Test) of ILSHIN is designed and manufactured according to ASME CODE completely which ensures safety and airtight.
Types of Hydrogen Damage
1. HE : Hydrogen Embrittlement
Hydrogen embrittlement is the process by which various metals, most importantly high-strength steel, become brittle and fracture following exposure to hydrogen. Hydrogen embrittlement is often the result of unintentional introduction of hydrogen into susceptible metals during forming or finishing operations and increases cracking in the material. By far, the most damaging effect of hydrogen in structural materials is hydrogen embrittlement. Materials susceptible to this process exhibit a marked decrease in their energy absorption ability before fracture in the presence of hydrogen.
2. HA : Hydrogen Attack
In high pressure and high temperature, the properties will get worse. Hydrogen present in metals can produce several kinds of internal defects like blisters, shatter fracture, flakes, fish-eyes and porosity. Carbon steels exposed to hydrogen at high temperatures experience hydrogen attack which leads to internal decarburization and weakening
3. HIC : Hydrogen Induced Cracking
At high temperatures, the elevated solubility of hydrogen allows hydrogen to diffuse into the metal (or the hydrogen can diffuse in at a low temperature, assisted by a concentration gradient). When these hydrogen atoms re-combine in minuscule voids of the metal matrix to form hydrogen molecules, they create pressure from inside the cavity they are in. This pressure can increase to levels where the metal has reduced ductility and tensile strength up to the point where it cracks open (hydrogen induced cracking, or HIC).
HDT Series Features
• Design according to ASME U1, U2
• Certified by KGS, KOSHA
• Multi-secure safety and step-by-step pressure measurement
• Optimum size to fit various places
• Whole control system
• Easy to assemble and disassemble
Control system
• Touch screen
• Precise experimental data record
* HDT 20 Series
Series Volume Temperature Pressure Meterial
 HDT-20L-400-350 20ℓ
[ φ 127 x 310 ㎜ (L)]
400 ℃ 350 ㎏/㎠ SUS316
 HDT-20L-400-600 20ℓ 400 ℃ 600 ㎏/㎠ SUS316
 HDT-20L-700-350 20ℓ 700 ℃ 350 ㎏/㎠ SUS316
 HDT-20L-700-600 20ℓ 700 ℃ 600 ㎏/㎠ SUS316
* HDT 50 Series
Series Volume Temperature Pressure Meterial
 HDT-50L-400-350 50ℓ
[ φ 324 x 600 ㎜ (L)]
400 ℃ 350 ㎏/㎠ SUS316
 HDT-50L-400-600 50ℓ 400 ℃ 600 ㎏/㎠ SUS316
 HDT-50L-700-350 50ℓ 700 ℃ 350 ㎏/㎠ SUS316
 HDT-50L-700-600 50ℓ 700 ℃ 600 ㎏/㎠ SUS316
* HDT 100 Series
Series Volume Temperature Pressure Meterial
 HDT-100L-400-350 100ℓ
[ φ 430 x 1040 ㎜ (L)]
400 ℃ 350 ㎏/㎠ SUS316
 HDT-100L-400-600 100ℓ 400 ℃ 600 ㎏/㎠ SUS316
 HDT-100L-700-350 100ℓ 700 ℃ 350 ㎏/㎠ SUS316
 HDT-100L-700-600 100ℓ 700 ℃ 600 ㎏/㎠ SUS316
* Certified by KGS, KOSHA according to pressure vessel regulation
* Besides SUS304 / 316, HC-276, Nickel 200, Inconel 625 can also be used.
* Measuring sensor(Ph/DO/CON./DH, ext) can be selected.
* Cover open or close can be automatic or manual
※ Please contact our sales team to inquire about other specification
  Technical sales team : +82-42-931-6100 (Ext. 1)
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