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Special Purpose Reactor - Catalytic Reactor [Overview]
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What is a catalyst?
A catalyst is a substance effects on rates of reaction. In general, a catalyst changes rates of reaction by opening a different reaction pathway.
What is catalysis?
Catalysis is a reaction maintains the best conditions for rapid and accurate process. A catalyst lowers the activation energy to speed up the reaction but not effects on the result of process. A catalyst is divided into homogeneous catalyst and heterogeneous catalyst. Homogeneous catalyst is in the same phase as the reactants and heterogeneous catalyst is in the different phase from the reactants.
Methods of catalysis
Homogeneous catalyst is melt with single phase, such as n- isobutyl aldehyde. Heterogeneous catalysis can involve multiple phases. In general, the catalyst is a solid, and reactants are liquid or gas. Sometimes, there are reactants in liquid-gas phase such as production of benzene by dehydrogenation of cyclo-hexane. Ilshin Autolcave's catalytic reactor is the equipment that can perform various catalysis with safety and accurate process. Ilshin Autoclave Co., Ltd obtained ASME pressure vessels certification of design & manufacturing, also have Korea Gas Safety Corporation and The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency certification so can ensure safety.
Catalysis Progress
Classifications of Catalysis System
Catalysis System Phase) Examples
Catalyst Reactant
Homogeneous catalysis System Liquid Liquid Hydrolysis of ester by acids
Gas Gas Oxidation of SO2 by NO2
Solid Solid Decimosition of potassium chlorate by MnO2
Catalysis System
Liquid Gas Alkene polymerization by acids
Solid Liquid Disproportionation of cyclohexene by Pd
Solid Gas Oxidation of CO by ZnO
Solid Liquid - Gas Hydrogenation of benzene by Ni
Catalysis System

Protein molecules (Lyophilic colloids)
Present in life Process
Tremendous efficiency
Used in some industries

Classifications of Catalysis Materials
Catalysis Materials Catlysis Examples
Metal Hydrogenation
Hydrogenolysis Oxdation
Ni, Pd, Pi, Cu
Ag, Pt
Metallic oxide Partial Oxdation
Complex Metal Molybdates
Multimetallic oxide compositions
Fe2O3, ZnO, Cr2O3/AI2O3
Acids Hydration
Craking + H-transfer
Acid-type ion-exchanger resin
H2PO4 on carrier
SiO2-AI2O3, zeolite in acid form
Metal + Acids Paraffin isomerization
Pt/acidified Support
Applications of Catalysis
Petrochemical Industry
• Oil refinery distills crude oil and performs hydrogenation, hydrogenolysis, catalytic cracking, isomerization or
   alkylation to improve a quality of oil.
• Remove sulfur to prevent environmental pollution
Manufacturing chemicals
• Most of processes manufacturing chemicals use a catalyst except pyrolysis and electrochemistry.
• Most of processes manufacturing polymer use a catalyst except radical polymerization.
Prevent Environmental Pollution and Remove Pollutants
• To prevent air pollution due to the increase of automobiles, use catalytic converter for automotive exhaust    emissions, which oxidize unburned hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide to become carbon dioxide and water,
   and nitrogen oxide to become nitrogen and oxide
• Selective catalytic reduction(SCR) for removal of nitrogen oxide in power plant or nitric acid plant.
• Remove nitrogen oxide, which is a cause of acid rain and ozone depletion
• Remove volatile organic substances such as an endocrine disruptor or pollutants in air or water by catalytic combustion.
Catalysis in Living
• Fan heater, gas stove, air conditioner, air cleaner, gas alarm etc.
• The catalyst in air cleaner removes gas(sulfur dioxide) and bad smells for air cleaning.
Benefits of Ilshin Autoclave's Catalytic Reactor
• Design and manufacture according to ASME(American Society of Mechanical Engineer),
   pressure vessel standards.
• Design and manufacture according to KGS and KOSHA.
Accurate equipment
• Improve process time and equipment efficiency by installation of heater
• Maintain constant temperature by internal/external insulation
• Improve safety through the multi-safety devices
Customized engineering
 • A variety of types and specification for customer
 • Different types of research are available by various additional components.
Easy maintenance
• A variety of measurements facilitate analyzing operating conditions.
• Easy assembly/disassembly and clean up
• Quick response to customer request by customer service team
Catalytic Reactor series
CTR 5 series
CTR 10 series
CTR 50 series
CTR 100 series
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