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Abrasive Suspension Water-Jet

A water jet is an industrial tool capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. The water jet is commonly connected to a high pressure water pump where the water is then ejected from the nozzle, cutting through the material by spraying it with the jet of high-speed water. It has developed enough to be applied without post-processing for the cutting and processing of almost all materials. Abrasive water jet cutting is a technology that has been developed for the first time in Korea by Ilshin Autoclave. In the case of Dry water jet cutting, an abrasive substance is mixed into the jet stream by being sprayed by a nozzle and passing through the Mixing Chamber, however, Abrasive water jet cutting is a method of ejecting the mixture of water and an abrasive substance that is mixed together in advance. Abrasive water jet has many benefits such as high cutting efficiency in low pressure, cutting products without air bubbles, and recycling used abrasive substance.
Cutting Video
Principle of Water Jet Cutting
* Abrasive Water Jet (Mixing water and an abrasive substance in vessel)
• Injection / spray of an abrasive substance in
   a wet condition
• Recycling used abrasive substance
   (More than 95% recovery)
• High efficiency at low pressure
   (50 ~ 120MPa)
* Dry Water Jet(Mixing an abrasive substance in Mixing Chamber)
• Injection / spray of an abrasive substance in
   a dry condition
• Used abrasive material is discarded
• Highly effective at high pressure
   (300 ~ 600MPa)
Advantages of Abrasive Water Jet
• Cost-reducing due to recycling of an abrasive substance
• High quality of the cut surface by using wet abrasive substance
• Prevent burr and thermal deformation
• Processing complex shape such as a curve.
• Applying for a variety of materials such as metal, plastic, and glass.
• High cutting effect at low pressure
• High productivity due to applying multiple heads and stacked cutting
• Cutting : Metal, ceramic, glass, plastic, and semiconductor parts
• Cleaning : Burr, chemicals, dust and foreign matter
PCB cutting [router, abrasive water jet]
Tempered glass, Acrylic cutting
Glass cutting [Dry water jet, Abrasive water jet]
SD card cutting
Advantages of Ilshin Autoclave's products
• Design and manufacturing according to ASME(American Society of Mechanical Engineer) high pressure sasfety regulation
• Design and manufacturing according to KGS(Korea Gas Safety Corporation)
• Maintain constant temperature by installation of high pressure fan motor
• Maintain constant temperature by internal/external insulation
• Improve safety through the multi-safety devices
Customized Engineering
• A variety of types and specification for customer
• Different types of research are available by various additional components.
• Accurate measurement and simplification of control system enable more convenient
Easy maintenance
• A variety of measurements facilitate analyzing operating conditions.
• Easy assembly/disassembly and clean up
• Quick response to customer request through customer service team.
The composition of Abrasive Water Jet
• Recycle System : Filtering used abrasive substance and fill into the pressure vessel.
• High Pressure Pump : Generates high pressure to make abrasive and water into jet stream.
• 3AXIS Stage System : Cut products into required form.
1. Recycle System A.
Vessel &
Change Valve
1. Max. design pressure : 100Mpa
2. Material : SUS 630 & SUS 316
3. Volume : 20L 2set
4. Vessel ON/OFF Valve 2set
5. Vessel Change Valve 1set
6. Check the remaining amount of abrasive
   : Load cell 2 set
1.Weight : 1100kg
2. Size :
  1350 x 900 x 1900
  (L x W x H)
Catch Tank
1. Material : SUS 304
2. Prevent a deposition of abrasive substance
  : Air Bubble & Self-circulating Pump
3. Up/Down : Hydraulic cylinder
Filter & Hopper
1. Max. design pressure : 1 Mpa
2. Material : SUS 304
3. Filter unit : 80/120 mesh 2/3 layer
4. Vibrator : 60Hz
5. Hopper Volume : 100L
6. Check the remaining amount of abrasive
  : Load cell
2. High Pressure Pump 1. Max Pressure : 100Mpa
2. Max Flow : 6 Liter/min
3. Control : Inverter Control type
4. Motor HP : 5HP
5. Weight : 300kg
6. Size : 1200 x 900 x 1000 (L x W x H)
3. 3AXIS Stage System 1. Robot : 550st/500st/100st
2. Chuck Table : Air Vacuum Type
3. Working Zone Size : 470 X 370 mm
4. Weight : 1100kg
5. Size : 1420 x 1420 x 1605(L x W x H)
1. X-axis Cutting Speed
  : 0.01~60 mm/s
2. Y-axis Cutting Speed
  : 0.01~60 mm/s
3. Z-axis Speed
  : 0.01~100 mm/s
4. ETC. 1. Control
  : Touch Screen or PC Control
2. Recycle Pump : Air Diaphragm Type
3. Power supply : 3-Phase, 220V
4. Air Supply Pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa
5. Water Supply Pressure 0.2~0.5Mpa
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